"The artist formerly known as Joe Algeri"

I am a SONG-WRITER and PRODUCER based in Perth, Western Australia. I SING in multiple takes and prefer to double track. I play guitar badly but pretty good in the key of G. My favourite guitar is a Rickenbacker 12 string. I will attempt to RECORD and play any instrument, I love recording my songs in unusual ways.

I've often performed solo and my latest project is THE JAC. My main local band is JACK & THE BEANSTALK and I also write and record with THE BRITANNICAS, a recording project featuring Herb Eimerman (USA) and Magnus Karlsson (Sweden). I've also played in THE ROCKEFELLERS, THE JOE ALGERI EXPERIENCE, JOE ALGERI & THE LEE HAZLEWOOD EXPERIENCE, STONEMASONS, & THE SUMMER SUNS. I speak Italian, a little Swedish and can order beer and hit on chics in 7 other languages. I've released independent records and played crap gigs in every corner of the globe, I'm massive in Finland.

Some people have called me a pop genius, others say I'm funny; most think I'm just a wanker. Thanks for dropping by, love music...

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[4/03/13] The new JAC single, "Record Store" is now available along with 3 other tracks. Listen and download here.

[1/12/12] A 16 track compliation of Joe's Xmas tunes from the last decade is released as a free compliation. Listen and download here.

[3/08/12] The artist formerly known as Joe Algeri is now The JAC and the debut album "Faux Pas" is available in download or CD format. Listen and download here.

[26/10/11] The Britannicas' "I Work At The Post Office" which was a nominee in Western Australian Music Industry 'Song of the Year' competition.

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