A collection of Xmas songs that Joe has recorded with the help of friends from around the world. These songs will only be on this website during the festive season. Enjoy them while you can...


MERRY CHRISTMAS (AROUND THE WORLD) - Joe Algeri & the Sugarbrits (J. Algeri)

The tradition continues into its tenth year! Joe with a bunch of friends, both old and new, who this year are 'the Sugarrbrits' and includes all of The Sugarrush boys from Finland. Some of you may remember that Joe recorded the Hey Motherfucker! split 7" single with The Sugarrush back in 2002. As you would expect this is the year to be rocking; it's thrusting your hips and punching your fist in the air! There were also numerous fisticuffs that occured during the recording, make sure you read the bio at the Bandcamp link to find out how it all happened.

The Sugarbrits are:

HERB EIMERMAN - bass, backing vocals, handclaps (USA)
ANDY J. PRINKKILÄ - guitars, backing vocals (Finland)
PAATI WÄGAR - drums (Finland)
COMA SILVENNOINEN - backing vocals (Finland)
LARS BRUSELL - keyboards (Sweden)
TERRY MUNSLOW-DAVIES - backing vocals, handclaps, sleigh bells (Australia)

Released 2 December 2011.


THE BASEMENT - Green Beetles (J. Algeri)

I don't particularly like the term 'power-pop' but it does apply here, you can't go wrong with this international supergroup.

Green Beetles are:

JOE ALGERI - lead vocals, guitar (Aust)
DOM MARIANI - lead guitar, vocals (Aust)
HERB EIMERMAN - bass, 12 string acoustic, vocals
STEFAN JOHANSSON - drums (Sweden)


Released 19 November 2011.

Produced by Joe Algeri & Dom Mariani.

The track is available on the "Merry Rock Against Bullshit Vol.6" CD compilation. Click here for details or contact Maria Sokratis.


GOING DOWN - The JAC (J. Algeri)

Fuck christmas cheer. Language warning applies.

All instruments and voices by Joe.

The track is also available on the "Merry Rock Against Bullshit Vol.6" CD compilation. Click here for details or contact Maria Sokratis.

Released 4 December 2011.

PSYCHOTIC PSUMMER - The DeLa's (J. Algeri)

From 2010, there are 2 versions of this song. After Joe recorded his original acoustic demo he gave it to some friends otherwise known as Zombie Western Baby. He didn't hear it again until they had finished it. They did a brilliant job.

The DeLa's are:

JOE ALGERI - lead vocals, guitar
STU LOASBY - guitar, keys, piano
LAURIE SINAGRA - bass, drums, percussion, handclaps, vocals


Produced by Laurie Sinagra & Stu Loasby.

The track is available on the "Merry Rock Against Bullshit Vol.5" CD compilation. Click here for details or contact Maria Sokratis.

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Knob PSYCHOTIC PSUMMER (Mix 18a) - Joe Algeri & Friends (featuring The DeLa's) (J. Algeri)

Whilst waiting for the DeLa's to finish their recording of the song, Joe got bored. He wanted to realise his vision for the song - Russ Meyers meets Brian Wilson on heroin. Joe also wanted to be the first person in the world to record a Xmas song that featured a chainsaw. In the end the chainsaw only featured on the intro but Joe wrote to the Guiness Book of World Records to tell them about it. The Guiness Book of World Records wrote back to Joe and told him to get fucked.

Joe rounded up some more friends to finish up his version. In the end he liked both versions so much that he spliced them together for the mix presented here. Epic and disturbing.

In addition to the DeLa's, this mix features:

HERB EIMERMAN - bass, backing vocals (USA)
STEFAN JOHANSSON - drums (Sweden)
LARS BRUSELL - guitar (Sweden)
LYDIA ALGERI - backing vocals

Released 2010.

WHAT CHILD IS THIS - The Britannicas (Trad./William Chatterton Dix)

For the first time ever Joe agreed to record a tradtional Xmas song with the Britannicas. This is the first Britannica's recording without guitars or bass. There were numerous hours of swearing to get the flute and strings parts right on the Mellotron.

HERB EIMERMAN - lead vocals (USA)
JOE ALGERI - harmony vocals, Hammond, Mellotron, piano (Aust)
MAGNUS KARLSSON - harmony vocals

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CHRIS HILLMAN CHRISTMAS - The Britannicas (J. Algeri)

The Britannica's first Xmas song is available on 2 different compliations.

Here the regular Brit's line-up is augmented on pedal-steel by Australian country music legend, Ian Simpson.

The first compilation was released in 2010 and "Kool Kat Kristmas" is on the same label that brought you the Britannica's debut album.

In addition, the song has just been released on a various artists compilation titled "Power-Chords, Harmonies and Mistletoe" available on the Twist Records.


Join the Britannicas on Myspace or Facebook.


STOCKHOLM CHRISTMAS - Joe Algeri & Friends (J. Algeri)

This wouldn't be the first song about an Aussie bloke hooking up with a young Swedish girl and if Joe was born 25 years earlier... yes, it would have been a convenient way to escape the draft, Mr Menzies...

If there is any justice in the world, this will one day be a Christmas hit in Sweden.

Yeah, yeah, yeah! In true 1964 style, introducing the band:

JOE ALGERI - lead vocals, rhythm guitar (Aust)
MAGNUS KARLSSON - lead guitar (Sweden)
HERB EIMERMAN - bass, backing vocals (USA)

LARS BRUSELL - drums (Sweden)

Overdubs were also performed by STEFAN JOHANSSON (Sweden), ERIKA ALGERI (Aust), LARS BRUSELL - handclaps and percussion and LARS BRUSELL - organ.

Released 2008. Serious discussions about forming The Britannicas occured after the recording of this track.

The song is also featured on a various artists compilation titled "Power-Chords, Harmonies and Mistletoe" available on the Twist Records.

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SWEET BABY JESUS - Joe Algeri & Friends (J. Algeri)

Oh my God, Joe's first vaguely traditional Xmas song! Have a jingle jangle yuletide with lyrics your parents and kids can listen to.

Joe sang, played acoustic guitar, organ, tambourine and gave the sound engineer the afternoon off. This year's guest list includes:

LARS BRUSELL - keyboard, glockenspiel (Sweden)
MAGNUS KARLSSON - 6 string Rickenbacker (Sweden)
HERB EIMERMAN - 12 string Rickenbacker, vocals (USA)
STEFAN JOHANSSON - jingle bells (Sweden)

The first ever recording with Joe and Herb Eimerman! The seeds for The Britannicas were laid with this song.

Released 2007.

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ALL I WANT FOR XMAS (IS CINDY BRADY) - Joe Algeri & Friends (J. Algeri)

Yes, nerds like Joe are buying DVDs of Gilligan's Island and the Brady Bunch to relive their childhood and/or be total sickos. RIP Sherwood Schwartz who passed away 12 July 2011.

This magnum opus is a collaboration featuring:

JOE ALGERI - acoustic guitar, all vocals, bass, slide guitar, sampling (Aust)
LARS BRUSELL - keyboards, alto melodica, spoken word (Sweden)

Released 2006.

The track was also available on the "Merry Rock Against Bullshit Vol.5" CD compliation. Click here for details or contact Maria Sokratis.


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