Fight On East Perth - Leaving Perth Oval
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July 2003 - Ted 'Square' Kilmurray, Graham 'Polly' Farmer and Town of Vincent Mayor Nick Catania (an East Perth fan) have one last look at Perth Oval before redevlopment begins.

Issue Date: Wednesday, April 09, 2003
New public land surrounding Perth Oval to be co-named after original owners, and redevelopment of oval set to forge ahead.

The proposed redevelopment of Perth Oval took a major step forward on Tuesday night when Vincent Council gave the green light for the major land transaction to proceed. The meeting also approved the naming of up to 35,000 m² of new public open space which will be created around the oval.

Vincent Mayor Nick Catania said the new open space would be named Loton Park, which would restore the original name of the land on which Perth Oval now stands and which was a name of great historical significance in the area, “We also approved co-naming the park ‘Yoordgoorading’, subject to further consultation with the Aboriginal families who have an interest in the land,” he said. Both names are subject to approval by the Department of Land Administration Geographic Names Committee.

William Thorley Loton was an entrepreneur, parliamentarian, benefactor, civic worker, and the Lord Mayor of Perth from 1901 to 1903. He built the state heritage-listed Dilhorn House overlooking what became Loton Park and later Perth Oval. Mr Loton sold 15 acres of his estate on the site of Perth Oval to the City of Perth, on the understanding that the land would become a park and recreation ground.

“The park was aptly named after Mr Loton and the tennis courts adjacent to Perth Oval still bear his name,” said Mayor Catania.

“So by co-naming the park Loton and Yoordgoorading, we are recognising all the original owners of the land.”

The approval to proceed with the redevelopment of Perth Oval followed an extensive six week public consultation, which Mayor Nick Catania said had drawn an overwhelmingly positive response to the $10.548 million plans for the historic oval.

“Now that we know our proposal has public support, we will be asking four companies, whose Expressions of Interest demonstrated their capacity to handle such a major project, to submit a tender for the construction of the multi-purpose rectangular sports stadium and redevelopment of Perth Oval,” he said.

The four companies are Broad Construction Services Pty Ltd., Entact Clough, BGC Construction and John Holland Pty Ltd.

The redevelopment of Perth Oval is being undertaken by the Town of Vincent in partnership with the State Government, as part of the State Sporting Facilities Plan prepared by the Department of Sport and Recreation.

The project will turn Perth Oval into Western Australia’s key international standard, multipurpose rectangular sports stadium.

Mayor Catania said work was proposed to commence in late May 2003 and be
completed by November 2003, in time for the 2003-04 National Soccer League season.
PHONE: (08) 9273 6011 Mobile: 0438 407 776

Issue Date: Monday, March 31, 2003

Naming rights for the multi-purpose rectangular sports stadium to be constructed at Perth Oval will be decided by tenders called for last weekend [Saturday 22 March] in The West Australian by the Town of Vincent. The tender period closes on 11 April.

The redevelopment of Perth Oval is being undertaken by the Town in partnership with the State Government as part of the State Sporting Facilities Plan prepared by the Department of Sport and Recreation.

Vincent Chief Executive Officer John Giorgi said whoever secured naming rights sponsorship to the new stadium would also win a unique marketing opportunity.

“How often in Western Australia – or for that matter Australia – does the chance to attach your name to such a high profile sporting facility come along?” said Mr Giorgi.

“In addition to the stadium being designed for the playing of soccer, rugby league, rugby union, men’s and women’s lacrosse, and Gaelic football, it will also be home to Perth Glory Soccer Club, and host cultural and artistic events, world championships, Commonwealth Games and so on.

“It’s just a wonderful opportunity and will enable an organisation to reap numerous corporate benefits.”

Mr Giorgi said tender documents were available from the Town, or could be downloaded from the Town’s website

“I’m also more than happy to talk to anyone who wants further information,” he said.

“They can contact me on 9273 6002.”

Mobile 0418 918 458
PHONE: (08) 9273 6011 Mobile: 0438 407 776

Sports Minister's Media Release
19 February 2003

Redevelopment of Leederville Oval under way

Work is well under way on the $4million redevelopment of Leederville Oval as Western Australia's first-ever Football Centre of Excellence.

Touring the site today, Sport and Recreation Minister Alan Carpenter said Leederville Oval was being transformed into a modern sporting complex that would become the home of the East Perth and Subiaco football clubs.

The State Government had identified the redevelopment of Leederville Oval in its State Sporting Facilities Plan, released in October 2001.

"Football has been played at Leederville Oval since 1915 and throughout its life it has played a significant role in the sport and recreation history of Perth," Mr Carpenter said.

"The redevelopment, a partnership between the State Government and the Town of Vincent, will bring Leederville Oval back to life and provide modern, permanent facilities for two of the WAFL's most competitive teams.

"Apart from WAFL finals and State level games, Leederville Oval will also be able to cater for cultural and artistic events for up to 8,000 people during the off-season."

Mr Carpenter said the State Government had contributed $1.15million to the project, with the Town of Vincent contributing $2.87million.

"The Town of Vincent, in consultation with the Department of Sport and Recreation has played a central role in the redevelopment project," he said.

"The project will bring great benefits to the community as whole and I would like to acknowledge personally the work and commitment of all involved in getting the project off the ground."

Work on East Perth's facilities is well advanced, with the gutting of old offices, the installation of new roofing, plumbing, drainage and cabling.

Site works for Subiaco's new clubrooms have started at the northern end of the grandstand.

Other redevelopment work undertaken to date include:
installation of a new bore and in-ground reticulation;
replacement of turf in the goal square;
demolition of redundant buildings; and
installation of new power and fire protection services.

The redevelopment also includes more than 10,000sq.m of public open space on the eastern side of the oval.

Mr Carpenter said he was hopeful that construction of the football facilities would be completed in time for the start of this year's WAFL fixtures in April.

"If everything goes to schedule, East Perth will relocate to Leederville prior to the start of the WAFL season and Subiaco will take up residence in October," he said.

Minister's office: 9213 6800

Premier's Media Release

Premier Geoff Gallop announced today that Perth Oval would be redeveloped into a rectangular multi-sports stadium.

Dr Gallop said the decision by East Perth Football Club to move to a refurbished Leederville Oval had opened the way for Perth Oval to be converted into a rectangular stadium.

"The new-look Perth Oval will be suitable for soccer, rugby union and rugby league and other sports that require a rectangular facility to host State, national and international events," he said.

"The redevelopment of Perth Oval is a major plank in the Government's State Sporting Facilities Plan, which is all about providing multi-use facilities that cater for a number of sports."

Dr Gallop said the State Government and the Town of Vincent would jointly provide the capital for the facility and the Town of Vincent will undertake management control.

The redevelopment, which will accommodate 19,500 people, will cost approximately $11.8million, of which the State Government would be contributing $6.8million. This is significantly less than the previous government's proposal for the Wellington Street stadium, which was estimated at $32million and would benefit only one sport.

The stadium will be built in stages over three years. Construction starts next April.

"This redevelopment is realistic and achievable and takes advantage of an existing facility rather than starting from scratch," Dr Gallop said.

There was provision for an additional four stages in the redevelopment of Perth Oval, however they would only go ahead once a full feasibility study had been undertaken.

The redevelopment will include:

new grassed banks on the southern and northern ends of the pitch;
upgrading of the existing gates and construction of two new entrance gates on the north-west corner and south of the oval;
new half-sized training pitch behind eastern grandstand;
a permanent eastern grandstand with corporate boxes, toilets and concessions;
non-structural upgrade of the existing grandstand;
new on-street car bays in Brewer and Pier Streets for approximately 100 vehicles;
fixed irrigation system and upgrade of existing ground water bores;
improvements to stairs, ramps, retaining walls, emergency lighting; and
creation of 35,000sq.m of public open space surrounding the multi-use stadium.
Dr Gallop congratulated the East Perth Football Club for its decision to relocate to Leederville Oval to benefit other sports.

"I can understand how hard it would have been for East Perth to end almost 100 years of tradition at Perth Oval, but everyone wins," he said.

"They will have access to excellent new facilities at Leederville and give soccer, rugby, rugby league and other sports access to a piece of Western Australian sporting history, which will have a far longer life than if it was left in its current state."

Premier's office: 9222 9475

Sports Minister's Media Release

East Perth Football Club decision to move welcomed

East Perth Football Club's decision to move from Perth to Leederville Oval opens the way to negotiate plans to redevelop both ovals into top-class sporting facilities, Sport and Recreation Minister Alan Carpenter and Town of Vincent Mayor Nick Catania said today.

In welcoming the decision, Mr Carpenter said it was a major step towards developing a rectangular soccer stadium at Perth Oval that would do much to promote this rapidly growing sport.

"It will also open the way to develop Leederville Oval into a football centre of excellence, with a modern stadium for the Subiaco and East Perth Football Clubs," he said.

"Under the plan at Leederville, it is also proposed to have a state-of-the-art sports stadium for 16 indoor sports at the Loftus Centre.

"The Department of Sport and Recreation can now start serious discussions with the Town of Vincent, Perth Glory and any other users about plans for the developments in accordance with the Government's recently released State Sports Facilities Plan."

Town of Vincent Mayor Nick Catania said today's vote opened the way for a much-needed rejuvenation of the area around Perth Oval and would breathe life into the area.

"It was a difficult decision for the East Perth members to end 100 years of tradition at Perth Oval but the decision will lead to vastly improved conditions for their players and members," Mr Catania said.

"Both the East Perth and Subiaco Football Clubs will have far better facilities for their members and significantly reduced costs.

"It's taken a lot of work to get to this point and all the involved parties will benefit if we can successfully negotiate details of the plan."

Mr Carpenter said the Government had already committed to being involved in the development of the soccer stadium and today's decision was a win for everyone - it was a great day for sport in Western Australia.

Minister's office: 9213 6800

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