The Farm
Tarnagulla Farm is a picturesque 41 hectare niche of the Blackwood River Valley, 220 kilometres south east of Perth and five kilometres from the historic rural town of Balingup.

Hidden in gentle rolling hills dominated by giant native jarrah and marri trees, and shouldering the edge of an extensive natural forest, the farm is a harmonic balance between agricultural production and native environment.

Tarnagulla Farm is included in the Land for Wildlife Scheme conducted by the Western Australian Department of Conservation and Land Management. Since purchasing the property in 1995 Malcolm and Sue Lee have fenced remnant forest areas and watercourses to encourage the return of native flora and fauna.

Emus are regular visitors to the property and kangaroos glide into the olive groves at sundown each day, the surrounds echoing with the calls of the rare Red-tailed Black Cockatoo and other local birds.

"Tarnagulla" is an aboriginal word from the south eastern part of the continent meaning "running water", a term brought to this region of WA in the 1890s by a settler in search of gold.

The running water of winter melds into the ever present stream of natural harmony and tranquility on the property.