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Ian Crawford is a looser and wannabe author who grew up in Africa.  When he finally manages to make progress on a novel, he discovers that his writings are changing the past.  Is this just an opportunity for him to become the real life hero he has always longed to be, or is there something manipulating him for a purpose ?  Is the purpose good or evil?  The more he changes the past the deeper he is drawn into a strange world he could never have imagined. 


Tracey Carpenter wakes up one morning to find John, her partner of 6 years dead beside her.  There is no obvious cause for the death of her previously fit and healthy 40-year-old lover.  2 hours later, she receives a strange phone call from a lawyer engaged by John.  So begins the most hectic and terrifying week of Tracey’s life.  It seems that her man has been keeping secrets, and strangest of all, those secrets relate to her and a heritage that she needs to understand, fast.

Dust & Damper

Storys and anecdotes of cooking, camping and driving in remote Australia.

Damper & Dust
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