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Desert Country (QLD & SA)


To the camp oven invented here Like a pink Floyd album cover It was a hard life out here in the mid 1800s
Hot water bore, flows uncapped in the Sturt Stoney Desert The infamous Birdsville Hotel The ground was getting wet
Front doorstep in the desert View from the doorstep after the rain stopped All dressed up and nowhere to go for a day or so



If you have to ask you are probably not ready to know The water was more than a meter BELOW the bridge the evening before! Aquatic Playground ?
Tree of Knowledge - Barcaldean Hot water under pressure direct from the GAB Largest mechanical equipment collection
QANTAS Museum Common Walaroo One evening catch
red wing parrot Shearing Shed Grumpy Willy Wagtail on her nest
Octopus tree - Bladensburg Station Road to the Diamontina - just opened Beer at sunset - Dimantina
Sunset from our camp - Dimontina Getting at the trailer bearings Zebra Finch

More Tropical Qld


Fish Curry a la Edmund Cooktown Fiona swimming at Roaring Meg Falls
Home Rule Falls Cooking in the rain Starlings community nest
Teenage Cassowary Do you see what I see?? This is my path and I'm gonna walk down it.
chocolate cake fruit Road into Wallaman Falls The Booths - who put us up in Mackay
Wetland near Mackay Fig Bird (not eating figs) Cameron & Emily

Cape York (and TI)


A Bar on the pavement parking under a 100 year old mango tree Old European grafitti at old Laua Station
Lotus Flower at Red Lilly Lagoon Brolgas Dancing - magic Cherabim at Kalpower Crossing
Honey colecting coconuts at Chilli Beach Thong Tree at Chilli Beach Green ant nest - stay clear.
Accomodation at Portland Roads Mount Tozer lookout Yes that semi is bogged! Wenlock River crossing
Palm Cockatoo at Morton Station Descent into Palm Creek Pitcher Plants at Fruit Bat Falls
  Canibal Creek Crossing on OTL Eliot Falls Some people we met up with entering one of the crossings
  Punsang Bay Cypress Creek "bridge" at Cockatoo Creek
  Jumping in at the saucepans Thursday Island Us at the tip
  Pearl Divers Memorial at TI Somerset Beach Yet another crossing - passenger view

FNQ (Wet Tropics)


Church in the cane fields Us Blow out on Capn Cook Hwy
Camp at Tolmer Falls Curtain fig Wild Orchid
Crimson caped Finch Maclays Honey Eater Mareeba Rock Wallabies
Smell that coffee Blenco Falls Camp View at Blenco

Gulf Country (Qld)


Baby Wren at King Ash Helping long distance Bike riders at Calvert Crossing Manifold Warmed Pies
Driving through Hells Gate Birdwatching at Kingfisher Camp Our camp at KFC
Great Bower Bird Bower Hadley Gorge (lots of baby crocs) Kapoc Flower
Elizabeth River Crossing Brolgas Munted Gate
Osprey Canoeing at lawn Hill Lawn Hill Falls
Swimming with the fish Fossils at Riversleigh Wild Pig
fly catcher? Mary Kathleen Getting serious with tyre repairs
Baby Barra Dingo at Animal Bar at Karumba
The worlds best prawns - curried cow going for a dip Fresh Water Croc
Buff Banded Rail Signs at Robin Hood Station Bar at Howlong Station
Eastern Grey Kangaroos Cobold Gorge Innot Hot Springs
A cute bridge Three wise roos Swamp Hen

Top End
East (NT)


Look out for these fellows when swimming Jabirus do and this one ended up chasing the croc off
Jabirus guarding Ubir Art at Ubir On top of the Gumlong Falls
Blue face Honey Eater Osprey at Katherine Gorge Katherine Gorge
Chris enjoying Mataranka Springs A rose between 2 thorns Lost City No 1 (West)
  someone has to have fun Chris's tyre - found 40km back swimming hole at Lorella Springs
  Ta Ta Lizard at Lorella the car was wobbling, I wonder why King Ash Bay Camp Site

Top End Central (NT)


Cathedral Ant Mound this fellow liked our sink Parap Markets - a Darwin institution
Camp at Ubrilara Gorge Look for the optical illusion turtle at howard springs
Parot We had this swimming hole to ourselves for a while Chris making sure that Mark was not the only kid
Rogers Camp in Litchfield Tjurana (sp?) Gorge above the falls Yet another water crossing

Top End West (NT)


camp ovens Pete celbrating Nita's Birthday hot tap (hot water running out of a log!)
Nocturnal Visit Futher down the Daily River Douglas Hot Springs
Duck Tufa falls at Flora River choc chip cockies in the camp oven
Croc on a water crossing a 4wd track in Gregory Morning Smoko
Cape Leveque



Brancos lookout, our brake line split on the way down from here someone had to be the kid Cockburn Range from Karungie Track
Getting into a boab jail Another Puncture Thik driving your 4 by 4 through a crossing is challenging?
A photo of the 2 of us as requested
Boab on old Halls Creek Rd Mount Barnett Gorge Phone Box at Drysdale Station
Agile Wallaby
Karajini Rock



Sign Rain at Dale's Gorge Kalamina Gorge
Catfish Crossing Pool Etchings
View from Mt Augustus


Ship painting at Walga Rock Why the long face - wild horses Not Quite Ayres Rock - Mt Augustus at sunset
Below are some of our photos to date - sorted by region, with the newest at the top. Click on the pictures to see a larger one in a new tab / window. Put your mouse on the pic to get a description. All Photos are the property of Gwion Images. Updated 20 Sept 2010