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Graham R. Fulton grahamf2001@yahoo.com.au

B.Sc. (Syd). Hons (UNE). Ph.D. Candidate.


Macleay Miklouho-Maclay Centenary Research Fellow at the Macleay Museum of the University of Sydney


Forum Essay Editor Pacific Conservation Biology


Adjunct Lecturer Murdoch University




















Research Interests



Ecology of woodland birds: particularly nesting ecology

Road ecology: birds interacting with a linear environment

Dog (Canis familiaris) and bird interaction: in beach environments

History: Macleay Museum bird collection

Korean research: encompasses all of the above in South Korea 대한민국


Other Interests


Science communication

Oral and written: through invited and submitted essays in Pacific Conservation Biology and teaching oral communication.


Broad Spectrum Academics’ Essays at Pacific Conservation Biology



Research and writing intended to invigorate science literacy through the promotion of linguistic protocols particularly with grammar and punctuation. Promote indigenous languages to keep them alive so they carry their culture into the future.