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 The Search for

Critique &



  Things which really count.....

4 dire necessities:
 compassion, democracy, ethics and scientific method;...

 3 great certainties:  
death, taxes and entropy;  

3 paths to freedom:
truth, love and beauty

 2 sublime mysteries:
 motion and repose;

 1 wee rule of thumb:  
If it can't be put into plain English, It's probably not true!



About the Author and

Family Photos

Margaret V Peaty
In memoriam 

 Was ''My Diary''
now is just 'not a blog' 

Consciousness 1-
Questions & Answers  

Consciousness 2-
More Questions &Answers 

 Consciousness 3-
Against zombies and
"neuron substitution"

and a summary of what 'C' is

 Diagram of information flow
underlying consciousness
[ie neural correlates of C]

 Analysis of Dreams and Projections -
Debugging the Self

  Entropy at Work:
[AKA Murphy's Law] 

 Agency, Decision making and Personal Responsibility 

  Attachment & The Search for Meaning


 Mistake in the instructions for Sharp EL520WG Scientific calculator


Summary of CDES [my assumptions, etc.]

If I were in charge I could change the world!

Axioms and aphorisms - under construction




Joy and Ethics 

 CDES score sheet -
a look at some public figures and institutions of our modern times

Intrinsic Value of Human Beings 

 Freedom - the paradox and the potential

 Home Education - aka
 Home Based Learning

 Debunking 'Eternal Ambition'

 Some thoughts on evolution 

 Some thoughts on sex 

  Daytime - Bureaucracy in Australia

  The Curse of the Command Structure

 Leptocneria reducta
 Cape Lilac Tree caterpillars -
 the little hairy
neighbours from Hell 

 Thumbnails of tree damage by the larvae 

 Creative Writing:

 Shortcut to Imadjinning:
Alien abductions in the Australian bush! or,
What Really Smart Creatures Would Do-
if we let 'em

 Intro - getting to the point
 Chapter one 
 Chapter two  
 Chapter three  
 Chapter four
 Chapter five 
 Chapter six

 Sites that interest me 





Continuous Development

I am developing this site. 
If you see something that needs improving and you want to tell me, please drop me a line or two at: 
NB:Suggestions about colour schemes also accepted. 

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 Many pages on this site are unfinished, some are only just started.
They are here anyway because it is the ideas that are important.
You don't have to believe what
I say about things, but
if you come across a new way of seeing your world as a consequence of reading something here then your ability to think and act freely has been enhanced.
If that be so then my efforts have been worthwhile.

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