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Compassion, Democracy,
Ethics and Scientific Method: 

 how to have fun and save the world in the process!

We can do it, because there is far more to you and me than meets the eye.


 My 'axioms'

  1. The human universe is always potentially infinite,
    so long as it exists and we believe it to be so.  
      [primary axiom for the real new age!]

  2. Things are what we believe them to be,
    until we discover otherwise!

  3. If  you want your civilisation to survive,
    there are four fundamental ingredients:
    compassion, democracy, ethics, and
    scientific method.

  4. When people cooperate together , then
    to the extent that they [we] cooperate,
    all projects become possible which are in line with the laws of physics.

  5. There is only one sin: to treat another human being as a thing.
    Evil is what happens when we treat a person as a thing;  
    we ourselves become less human as they are harmed.

My aphorisms

  1. Think positive - it's better for you!
    Talk positive - it's usually better for everybody
    [this is axiom #1 in 'mantra' format!]
  2. If something can't be put into plain English,
    [or your mother tongue of choice]
    then it probably isn't true!
  3. It's never too late to ask
    the most basic question you can think of!
  4. The pathway to freedom has three kinds of stepping stones,
    these are truth, love, and beauty.
  5. Where there is the will, there is a way,
    so long as the way is in line with the laws of physics.
    this is axiom #4 in simpler format,
    which can be put in yet another way:

    The three main things which constrain us:
    1. The power of your imagination
    2. The laws of physics [and chemistry of course]
    3. Your willingness to cooperate with others.

 This site is about survival, meaning, hope,
 Living the Good Life

in this age of transition on our very special planet

known as'Spaceship Earth'
by those who really care. *  


It is a celebration of the practical benefits

which come from seeking the truth, and

striving to do the right thing by those we meet.



Here are a couple of questions to give you the flavour of what I am talking about:


How do you know that,
right now,
you are not sleep-walking?


What makes you so sure that
Planet Earth is not a spaceship?
[In other words why do you act as if  this place is not a spaceship?]




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 The only certainties in life are death, taxes and entropy.  
"And what the hell is entropy?" you say. Well, irreversible change is a close translation,
[but it means more than that].  
Change is occurring all around us and happening to us most of the time, whether we like it or not! In fact the rate of change itself is accelerating, or so it seems!

Of course you could argue that the acceleration of time is just subjective; it's one of the many gifts of maturity like
Smile! grey hair and galloping decrepitude,
Without entropy there would be no arrow of time. belief that "the moral standards of young people are declining these days" and that
If you can read this you are one of the lucky ones! "those were the good old days", and
Cornball humour will never die! all the other signs of senility .
That's not far wrong either. For all of us, if we don't die first, the unending days of childhood give way, at first gradually, to shorter days and faster minutes. Too much to do floods over the way it ought to be done and life becomes just one damned thing after another.

But that is not the whole story. There is, amongst all the millions of different things going on, an underlying cause why societies and cultures all over the world are changing so rapidly.
This most powerful cause is the application of scientific method to the practical problems of life. It is the underlying engine of modern times: the genie that escaped from its bottle, and a powerful guarantee that the apparent pace of change will be increasing for a long time to come.

The purpose of this site is
to encourage the practice of reasonable optimism and practical facilitation
in the face of all this change.

Atrocities like those committed on 11 September 2001 in the USA, 12 October 2002 on the island of Bali , 11 March 2004 in Madrid, 7 July 2005 in London, as well as other places around the world, and the world wide consequences flowing from those events, make this more important than ever. [This line of thought continued below.]


*  A very important feature of spaceships is that if you are on one, there is no place to 'hide', no way to escape the consequences of your actions. My feeling is that we are going to keep having problems on this planet until our leaders, and the rest of us of course, come to realise that Earth really is a spaceship. Right now it seems that this idea is utterly remote from the thinking of people like George Bush Jr [he was always a lost cause as far as I can see], John Howard  [not sure about Kevin Rudd yet], Tony Blair Mr Brown, Vladimir Putin, and Hu Jin Tao, never mind all the mullahs and clerics.

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Compassion, Democracy, Ethics and Scientific Method are, in alphabetical order, my list of prerequisites we humans need for survival. Of course we need food, shelter, clothing, art and heaps of other things too, but instinct drives us willy-nilly to fulfil those needs. What concerns me here is the higher level skills and facilities that we require to protect and develop our societies so as to live together in peace and reasonable prosperity on this planet.

There are at least two important attributes that compassion, democracy, ethics, and scientific method have in common.

  • Firstly they are all things we must choose to do. Sure we may have inner inclinations towards them in certain circumstances but often there will be considerations of apparent, possible, self interest which tempt us away from the disinterested view point which is needed for their accomplishment
  • Secondly they all entail a deep appraisal of what it means to be a human being and the nature of persons. This may not be apparent at first but as we ask ourselves the inevitable "why?" and "how?" of each, the truth of it comes out.

You may have a different list based on your own thoughts and experience and I am sure you can argue for it strongly.
I say these four are of the essence because

  • on the one hand they require conscious choice, reflection and the acceptance of responsibility for one's own actions and,
  • on the other hand, they are simply pivotal components of our humanity.
  • If you do seriously think that I am wrong in this then I believe you have a moral responsibility to show me how. Your arguments will be much appreciated if you can base them upon clear and unambiguous empirical evidence. Without such evidence, your assertions will be opinions only; they will be food for thought [if you have chewed them over well already Without entropy there would be no arrow of time. ] but will have no more "authority" than mine.


  • I think it is fair to say that true civilisation is the embodiment and manifestation of these four ingredients.

    So all our institutions, all our public and private organisations, all our political and social policies, must embody and manifest compassion, democracy, ethics and scientific method. This gives us potent criteria with which to judge the actions and expressed intentions of our politicians, bosses, public servants, academics, clerics, tycoons and business gurus, town councilors, military, police, and indeed anyone who seeks to wield power and influence the course of events.

    We really have to work at these things because without them we are
      gone ......   kaput!   ....... destroyed  .......
          extinct ....
    but with them, there is room for everyone on Spaceship Earth.
    Not only that, they provide the means for us to improve the quality of existence of everybody on the planet so that all may attain a life which is interesting, productive, challenging and fulfilling whilst free from hunger, fear, disease, and political oppression.

       Think of them as the

       Dao or Logos


    Basic ideas on compassion, democracy and ethics have been around for thousands of years.

    What is new by comparison is scientific method.

    The application of scientific method to the practical problems of life has expanded and revolutionised human productive potential whilst removing much of the otherwise crushing burdens of disease and poverty.
    The earth changing power of scientific method enables us now to be truly and systematically compassionate, democratic and ethical to an extent not possible in the pre scientific universe. At the same time the very size and extent of this transforming power requires us to be so.

    • Compassion we need to help ourselves and each other overcome the lingering bad effects of violence which has traumatized and destroyed people and societies for thousands of years.
    • Democracy we need -it is the only sure way - to remove and prevent oppression which thwarts and destroys creativity.
    • Ethics we need to discover better systems of moral guidance than the bigoted, hypocritical, religious traditions which all seem to manifest and nurture a life-threatening closed mind.

    It is not only accurate but very essential to focus on the fact that the human species now is qualitatively different from what it was 400 years ago. The change that has come about is as great as the transition that occurred when our ancestors acquired the power of modern speech.
    Whilst hominids may have had words for more than a million years, it seems fairly certain that our lot became what we are now about a hundred thousand years ago [or less] with the acquisition of versatile grammar. Words allowed reference, a kind of pointing, to things out of reach and even out of sight. Full blown grammar allowed discussion and recitation about anything. Oral history and law became possible; true culture was born.
    Human culture grew to the extent that things which were learned from others became as important for individual and group survival as genetically inherited traits and instincts. It is culture as such that makes humans different from the other animals and now science is making us different again. And who knows where all this is taking us? Nobody that's who! 


    The devastation caused by the tsunamis on 26 December 2004 in south and south east Asia is a terrible example of how the lack of scientific sophistication has left vast numbers of people totally vulnerable to the blind forces of nature.

    Knowledge of what tsunamis are and an awareness of falling sea level would have enabled some hundreds, if not thousands, of people to gather their children and run like hell for high ground or into and up the nearest strong tall building.

    A previous commitment by governments in the region to a tsunami warning system could have saved the lives of many thousands of people. Protestations by the Indonesian government, for example, that 'warning buoys are just too expensive and we could never afford them' were shown to be utterly stupid. The cost in lives and the destruction of property and infrastructure now being measured in billions of dollars, and the on-going cost of medical care for survivors, all makes the cost of a tsunami warning system look like very small change. What was lacking was a basic understanding of science as a deep and necessary component of civilisation so there was no commitment to the development of science.

    This lack of vision was exemplified in a similar way by the government of John Howard [Liberal party of Australia] in cutting off funding for asteroid and comet detection. Such short term, self centred, party political thinking is something that only a sceptical and scientifically literate population can counteract.

    Well, thankfully, John Howard's government was booted out of office in the Australian federal election of December 2007.

    [This Spaceguard Programme was the only major research effort in this line in the Southern Hemisphere until Australian Government funds were cut in 1996.  John Howard's government had no interest in the detection of Near Earth Objects (NEO) just like it had no real interest in the detection of tsunamis in our part of the world. The deaths of a few hundreds of Australians in the region  showed how short sighted and blinkered those people were and probably still are!]

    Lack of vision and understanding on the part of the US government is exemplified in the utter lack of interest so far in the challenge posed by the volcanic hot spot underlying Yellowstone National Park. There are many thousands of cubic kilometres of very hot, if not already molten, rock down under the National Park [erh, this is what the term 'Supervolcano' means]. Nobody knows when the first eruptions will start but in terms of geological time scale it is now due. Once spontaneous leakage does start it will be far too late to stop the system progressing through multiple eruptions to a final collapse of the caldera. Reasonable estimates give the energy release - and the damage caused - as many thousands of times greater than Mt St Hellens. So it will be not be just 'Bye-bye Miss Ameiracn Pie' but 'bye-bye US of A' with probably most of the 48 contiguous states covered in half a metre thickness of ash.
    The smart thing to do would be to start tunnelling down NOW - around the sides of the formation, NOT THROUGH THE TOP OF COURSE, and using remote control machinery in water-filled mine shafts - to create the deep level geothermal energy extraction system which would:
    1, remove the excess of heat which is the primary threat
    2, provide a vast source of geothermal power for hundreds of years to come which could substitute for much of the oil and coal currently being burnt to generate electricity or transport people and goods ['electric trains' is a concept to slot in here Cornball humour will never die!].
    My guess is no one is even going to think seriously about this, never mind do anything about it, until all the easily accessible oil in the world has been burnt. Too bad if that turns out to be too late.


    My aim here is to set out some general ideas - almost none of them my originals - which I think are helpful for understanding what is actually going on. They constitute a general theory of mind - what makes people "tick" - and, for want of a better word, metaphysics. [I don't particularly like that word but I believe it is appropriate for my discussion of "things" and the paradoxical nature of all our experience.]

    I want to summarise what I believe is an emerging, distinctly modern, consensus view of the nature of us human beings. Part of this involves a demonstration that the real treasure of Australia where I live, and of any other nation, is not the coal, oil, gold or other things in the ground nor the sunshine, water and topsoil above, but the knowledge and relationships of the people. And this means all of us, not just the powerful and self opinionated elite. Most of us make up what I like to call the "Silent Universe" - the vast throng of normal inhabitants of any country who do the work which keeps the world running but whose words are very rarely heard, never mind being listened to.

    I hope in the process to show that science, ethics, democracy and compassion are all prerequisites for our survival and for a good life.
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      "  ...... and 'the REAL NEW AGE' ...... "what is that?"   - I here you ask.

    Well, prior to the advent of scientific method in human culture, the greatest practical aspiration people could have was the exploration of planet Earth and exploitation of its resources. The tools made available by the application of scientific method however allow us to start exploring not just the Solar system but the rest of the Milky Way galaxy.

    So the Real New Age is the era of exploration of the galaxy. What we call the "Modern Era" is really just a time of transition when the concepts and practical fruits of science and technology evolve and transform all pre-scientific cultures. This is quite scary to think about, but it ought to be obvious by now that there is no going back - "the good old days" were always a myth anyway. So let's think positive!
    Let's be reasonable optimists and assume that the potential in all of us to be reasonable is and will be sufficient to make our planet the cradle of enduring, humane and productive civilisation!

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    Axioms and aphorisms

    This web site of mine is evolving slowly. It has been up and running for about eight years or so and over that time my thinking has developed and many ideas have become much clearer. I don't think that means I am now stuck in the mud, not at all! What it does mean though is that I feel very much more confident about relying on some of my 'favourite' basic ideas.

    I have come to realise that my opinion on many things is as good as anybody else's. Most of what is called 'Philosophy' is simply opinion, except of course that where it is being put out by academics it is complicated opinion! If anybody wants to argue any point that is fine with me but if anybody wants to say that one of my opinions is wrong, then they must put up clear and unambiguous empirical evidence to support their objection otherwise all they have is an opinion and my opinion is as good as their's. [And diversity of opinion is the driving force of democracy, right!!??]

    As a help I am putting together a series of 'axioms' and 'aphorisms' which I think will be useful as aids to healthy scepticism and reasonable, positive thinking. The main ones now adorn the top of this page. Soon to appear is a new page to give them flesh and link them with the rest of this humble website.

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     Was "My Diary"
     now is just 'not a blog' 


    Top of Table - keywords 

    About the Author

    Mark A Peaty

    Intro: This web site is about ideas "whose time has come".

    Some Personal History

    My family [pics -]

    Why I am doing this?

    I used to be a Christian
    [Religious Experience]

    So why did I cease to be a Christian?


    I was shocked, amased, angered and saddened by what happened on 11 September 2001. I can only think with horror and revulsion about the mental state of the murderers as they prepared for and then committed the hijacks. They had hypnotised themselves and each other into a state of insane separation from what most of us believe to be reality. Maybe some of them were born as psychopaths without even the potential to feel empathy for other people. More likely some horrible combination of early family and social conditions, such as violence and emotional abuse, together with the mental straight-jacket of fundamentalist religion, taught them to switch off their inborn ability to feel what others are feeling. What a waste! What asinine and terminal stupidity! If anthing can be said to be the essence of humanity, it is empathy, the basic ability to know ones own fellings and to recognise and feel the emotions of another. Without empathy we are no more than machines. It is very hard, in fact I find it impossible, to feel compassion of any sort for the murderers; they chose to kill instead of communicate. And they made a mockery of their religion; any "God" which/who encouraged that sort of behaviour wouldn't be worth even a pinch of shit.

    Psychology and social causes which influence people's minds and decision making, can never remove the responsibility for committing crimes and atrocities.

    Our freedom, our ability to make real decisions, and our true self-worth, all depend absolutely upon accepting responsibility for our own actions. We need to discover the conditions and influences which tip people into the closed world of fanaticism because we need to know how to reduce or eliminate those conditions.

    Clearly the task of understanding the cultural, historical and psychological processes leading to such a psychopathic condition is not a "merely philosophical" business that should be left to academics. It is a practical issue with consequences that are counted in lives as well as billions upon billions of dollars and we all need to work at it.

    I think the starting point for such investigations has to be the recognition that evil is what occurs as, when, and to the extent that, a person is treated as if he or she is a thing.

    I have also been amazed and disappointed at the stunning lack of insight displayed by a large proportion of ordinary Americans and others in our "Western" world about the historical circumstances which create the breeding grounds for the suicidal fanatics who are manipulated by their psychopathic leaders.

    Lack of insight, lack of knowledge, and fear of that which is different. Not a good combination! But it was a big part of the reason George Bush and friends invaded Iraq without UN support. That invasion may yet turn out to be one of the biggest, avoidable, blunders of modern times, bigger even than the invasion of Vietnam.

    We can only watch in morbid, fascinated horror as the arrogant, blundering, incompetent stupidity of the occupation of Iraq drags on through this first decade of the 21st century.





     Link to Iraq body count site.
    NB: the IBC site database does not seem to include any deaths from leukemia and neo-natal morbidity from radiation sickness and nano-particulate poisoning resulting from the dust and debris left over from the use of depleted uranium weapons
    We can therefore say that the death toll as related on the IBC is an underestimate.

    [March 2007 interpolation] Unfortunately I see no reason to change what is written below.

     [July 2005 interpolation] I am in two minds about the situation now. I think the whole Iraq saga could easily go full circle: the Americans eventually withdraw because the cost of the war and occupation has become so great that they install another strong man who imposes martial law and eventually winds up as dictator.  A never ending story.

    Alternatively, if the Americans and British stick it out for at least another 10 years, it is possible that a new generation of Iraqis will become sufficiently exposed to the concepts and practices of democracy, and confident enough of their ability to sustain it so that they really do end up as the first true democracy in the Arab or Muslim world. Of course, the cynical side of me wants to add 'Yeah! And Pigs Will Fly!!!' but you never know.

    Unbeknown to most of us until very recently is the fact that there are many other casualties of the war in Iraq. These include the unfortunate and deeply suffering refugees and displaced persons in the Dafur region of Sudan and in the neighbouring country of Chad to the west of Sudan. There are apparently more than two million people who have been driven out of Sudan into Chad or who are stuck in refugee camps within the Dafur region. All of them are subject to severe malnutrition, the women are subject to harassment and rape by gangs of armed thugs when they go looking for wood to burn in their cooking fires, and many are murdered as they wander from place to place seeking shelter and food.

    George Bush said to the UN that a genocide was occurring, although whether that is the correct technical description is a moot point apparently. George Bush and others, including Tony Blair have all made noises about doing something to help, but these two leaders of the so-called 'coalition of the willing' have been totally unwilling to do anything of real significance to help the people of the Dafur region. Their excuse is that they are already overstretched fighting against terrorism in Iraq and elsewhere, so simply can't afford it. How bizarre! The US and the UK together are spending about $2_billion each week on their adventure in Iraq, without anything much at all to show as benefit for the expense. The invasion looks to be one of the biggest mistakes in modern history in view of the genie that escaped from bottle after the fat a...d plug called Saddam Hussein was removed from its mouth.

    Thinks: You can bet your bottom dollar that if there was lots of oil under the ground in Dafur the US would have had a couple of divisions of crack troops there yonks ago.

    Thinks #2: If the US$2 billion per week being spent on Iraq had been spent instead on providing basic infrastructure for the poorest people of Africa, Palestine, the rest of the Middle East, and South, Central and South East Asia, the economy of the whole world would be a lot bigger and more robust than it is now, and the Americans would not be facing the decline they now are in this second half of the first decade of this new century.  This is surely an example of how lust for power coupled with uncritical belief in your own correctness is a self-defeating combination.


    And then, as if Billion Dollar Bush the Cowboy from Hell hadn't done enough, he managed to ignore [or dismiss] the plight of hundreds of thousands of his own countrymen and women and children when Hurricane Katrina hit the central Gulf coast right next to New Orleans in late August 2005.

    You can't stop a hurricane, just like you can't stop an earthquake or a tsunami. But you sure as hell can prepare for it!
    I remember reading an article in the October 2001 edition of Scientific American magazine:
    Drowning New Orleans by Mark Fischetti. In that article the author predicts almost exactly what has happened to New Orleans with Hurricane Katrina. It is lucky for everybody that his worst case scenario did not come about. That would have been if the hurricane had come from further south, after following a path south of Cuba for example before turning northwards. If the hurricane had come ashore west of New Orleans, the clockwise rotation of the wind system would have pushed the storm surge right into the city even as the rains inland flooded the Mississippi river and all the surrounding lagoons.

    Mark Fischetti, pointed out how vulnerable New Orleans is:

    'New Orleans is a disaster waiting to happen. The city lies below sea level, in a bowl bordered by levees that fend off Lake Pontchartrain to the north and the Mississippi River to the south and west. And because of a damning confluence of factors, the city is sinking further, putting it at increasing flood risk after even minor storms.

    'The low-lying Mississippi Delta, which buffers the city from the gulf, is also rapidly disappearing.'


    'An acre disappears every 24 minutes. Each loss gives a storm surge a clearer path to wash over the delta and pour into the bowl, trapping one million people inside and another million in surrounding communities. Extensive evacuation would be impossible because the surging water would cut off the few escape routes.'

    Mr Fischetti describes at length how it is human developments: dredging the river, cutting canals and channels for oil exploration and pipe laying or for fishing and leisure boat access to the sea from the swamps and bayous a well as the constant pumping of water out of the city lowlands.**

    When I look at the absolute shambles and unforgivable disorganisation that occurred before, during and for days after Katrina struck, several key issues look to me like instances of criminal neglect on the part of ALL levels of government. Here are just a few:

    • Despite the fact that Mark Fischetti's article makes clear that the main feasible escape routes are no more than two metres above sea level and therefore totally vulnerable to flooding - two causeways going around beside Lake Pontchartrain and one causeway going right across the middle of it - there appears to have been no significant evacuation plan let alone any prior experience of trying it out.
      For example, why were not all tall hurricane proof buildings including multi-storey car parks for example, marked as potential refuges from flooding? Note: if the piped water supply had been protected and pressure restored within a day of the winds dying down, each tap [faucet to Americans] above flood level in a multi-storey car park could have provided emergency relief to a couple of thousand people.

    • There appears to have been no significant effort made to hurricane proof the fresh water supply. It is not exactly rocket science to make pumping stations flood proof, by which I mean ensuring that your electric pumps and switch gear are water proofed. Of course a hurricane can bring down power lines, but once the wind has stopped properly trained emergency crews ought to be able to restore power lines to water supply pumping stations within half a day.
      If the pressure has been maintained by enough water in the water towers which maintain the 'head' or pressure of the supply, there is no reason why a properly maintained city water supply should be contaminated.
      This assumes that there is a reservoir somewhere quarantined from other water bodies, ie slightly above them. Rain water should not pose too much threat to this.
      Why was it that the people left behind had no water to drink?
      It defies reason: that the world's supposed number one superpower and super economy, couldn't even keep the water supply going to a major city!

    • How come the regional civil defence/emergency response organisations and the local police forces lost the plot?
      Hadn't they had any practice at all?
      They all knew very well that such a hurricane was bound to happen and it is not rocket science to think up the basic needs that people will have.
      People need water, shelter, security, food, sanitation and medical supplies.
      What kind of a government has no plans to provide these for a clear and predictable natural disaster?

    I understand that the US federal government is not responsible for every thing which goes on in the country, but given the predictability and scale of this disaster, there is absolutely no excuse for the lack of preparedness or for the days of inertia which followed Katrina the hurricane. When Emperor Bush finally appeared on TV and we heard him on radio, he seemed almost comatose. Clearly his script writers were on holiday - or squabbling amongst themselves more likely - and he just didn't know what to say.

    It is hard not to go along with the critics who say the response is typical for the USA, and particularly the South: the evacuees in the Super dome and those left on the streets were mostly Black Americans, and poor, relatively speaking.

    [**The water table seeps into the storm channels, gets pumped out [and up] into the nearby Lake Pontchartrain, so more water comes out of the water table causing further shrinkage of the sand and peat under the city. Duh! Why the hell don't they pump it back deep underground where it can contribute to holding the land up?!!]

    Sat 12 November 2005   Nuuuh, maybe the best solution involves simply:

    1. Rename the place to "New Venice"

    2.  Flood the places nature wants to flood

    3. Subsidise the locals to build or purchase house boats - pontoons more like, made from reinforced concrete so they won't be sunk by the hurricanes - then the city can spread right across the lagoons

    4. Sewage can be reticulated collection via vacuum mains lying under the lagoon bottom with fresh water, electricity, heating gas, cable communications likewise. Alternatively the sewage could be composted in the 'basement' of each pontoon using a design such as the Swedish Clivas system.

    I guess this could never happen in the US because any major project to systematically help and subsidise the poor is automatically labelled as 'communism', to be contrasted strongly with the systematic subsidising of un-economic farm production which is as American as 'Mom's apple pie' and therefore, by definition, a good and holy defence of free enterprise.

    Wed 23 Feb 2011  I recently had some other ideas about New Orleans, Venice, Bangladesh, and other potential sink holes. [Hey, it could even apply to London!]

    NB: I thought of this quite some time before coming up with the concept of Ocean Cities. The common theme is "ice" of course.

    1. Why not freeze the water in the water table under these cities? Not near the surface of course but freezing the water from a level of a kilometre below the surface down to bedrock would raise the surface of the locality by an amount equal to 10% of the thickness of the water stratum which was frozen. Given that all these places are standing on thick layers of waterlogged sediment, the drilling of an extensive network of freezer tubes through the body of the alluvium should not pose too great a challenge. Solar and wind power should be enough for driving the compressors of the refrigerant; certainly the sun and wind would provide energy sufficient to maintain the integrity of the ice layer once it was fully formed.




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    Continuous Development

    I am developing this page and this site. 
    If you see something that needs improving and you want to tell me, please drop me a line or two at: 

       mpeaty aet nospam tod arach... net.tod.au  
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    but if that statement makes no sense to you then
    copy down my alternative address:   
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    Many pages on this site are unfinished, some are only just started.
    They are none the less here because it is the ideas that are important.
    You don't have to believe what I say about things, but if you come across a new way of seeing your world as a consequence of reading something here then your ability to think and act freely has been enhanced.
    If that be so then my efforts have been worthwhile.


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