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The Mind

The Description of the World.

The Objective Existence of Culture -

It Really is Out There

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"replicator power"

The Survival of Constructs and Societies



Belief and Knowledge

Which is it?
Do you believe what you see or do you see what you believe?


"Seeing is believing"? No! Believing is Seeing......

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The nature of "things"

Things ain't what they used to be 

everything has got to be somewhere, now! 
[not as trite as it sounds]

real materialism vs. consumer capitalism 


More than just a feeling

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What is Compassion?

But why is this important?

Compassion versus Projection

Hitler revisited




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What it is like

to be a mental model ? .*...




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 Question from Peter about paradox

 Re: it has to be the changes which constitute our experience

 Naive realism vs. paradox - paradox wins
  My Diagram of processes underlying consciousness 
also known as 'the neural correlates of consciousness'.




If the truth about our condition is far, far worse than we like to think
[and it certainly is!!],
can this still be reassuring? Answer: "Yes it can!"

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The foundation of Civilisation

Ethical dilemmas


The human universe is always potentially infinite

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Life without ethics is a nightmare: East Timor and Indonesia


Joy and Ethics Some grounds for rational optimism

And an example of why the rejection of ethics is self defeating

Debunking Ryan and Jacob's "Eternal Ambition"
a philosophy of alienation

 Human Beings have
Intrinsic Value


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 Capitalist Fundamentalism

- A critique of the modern religion

 The Basic Argument 
 Intrinsic worth vs self interest -
 problems with utilitarianism


 Laissez-faire capitalism is a form of religion
 The unethical nature of fundamentalist capitalism
 Banks create money


Decision Making
Personal Responsibility

[NB: this is work in progress]
 Causation and Decision Making
 Some common sense
 Problems?  A person is a story    Qualia?
 Provisional Summary or "How to live with oneself"


The nonviolent
resolution of Conflict


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The human universe:


  • Potentially infinite for so long as it exists 
  • Murphy's Law is superstition [and good fun] but
    Entropy is real enough: the intrusion of the unexpected into our delusions of control




Analysing dreams  .

[Debugging the self]

The Dream of the Beast

Some Thoughts on Sleep and Dreaming




 The Search for Meaning

 Attachment, transference and meaning 

 Attachment per se



 Sex and evolutionary theory -
 some speculations

 From whence cometh the 28 day cycle?
 And the synchronisation?
 Out in Nature: Homosexual Behaviour in the Animal Kingdom  




    How do our politicians measure up?
    What about our journalists?



 If I Were In Charge ...

... this is what I would do!

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why bicycles are
 more than half of the answer!  

   White Cedar Moth or
Cape Lilac Caterpillars 

 Leptocneria reducta -

 Creative writing


 'Shortcut to Imadjinning'


About the Author

Mark A Peaty

 My Diary
this was a blog, kyboshed by a heavy handed employer.

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Intro: This web site is about ideas "whose time has come".

Some Personal History

My family [pics -]

Why I am doing this?

I used to be a Christian
[Religious Experience]

So why did I cease to be a Christian?


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Continuous Development

I am developing this page and this site. 
If you see something that needs improving and you want to tell me, please drop me a line or two at: 

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Many pages on this site are unfinished, some are only just started.
They are none the less here because it is the ideas that are important.
You don't have to believe what I say about things, but if you come across a new way of seeing your world as a consequence of reading something here then your ability to think and act freely has been enhanced.
If that be so then my efforts have been worthwhile.

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